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Being a team of professionals in technology and administrative processes, we make sure to review each of the solutions in detail, complying with the established quality and safety standards.

About Us

At Tecnocabo we create Synergy

Through close collaboration with our associates and clients, we ensure we understand their needs, thereby offering them the appropriate technological solutions to transform their businesses.

Simplified Processes

We establish specific and detailed work plans, we generate continuous communication with our client to inform them of the status of the project and give them certainty in its fulfillment.

Our Team

SWe are industry experts dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and driving innovation in the IT sector.

Our Commitment

Deliver high-quality IT solutions and services to businesses of all sizes, as well as residential and luxury resort clients.


Explore our full suite of cutting-edge solutions meticulously designed to meet all your IT needs. From protecting your data with advanced backup and recovery services to optimizing efficiency through virtualization, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.

Backup and Recovery

Our backup and recovery solutions ensure that your critical data is always protected and easily recoverable in case of any unforeseen event. We offer comprehensive support strategies tailored to your specific needs, giving you peace of mind and business continuity.

Virtualization Systems

Harness the power of virtualization to optimize your IT infrastructure, improve resource utilization, and reduce costs. Our virtualization services allow you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single physical server, improving flexibility and efficiency.

Security of the Information

Protect your sensitive information from cyber threats and data breaches with our robust security solutions. From implementing firewalls and encryption protocols to conducting vulnerability assessments and security audits, we ensure your data remains secure at all times.

Technological Infrastructure

Build a solid technology foundation for your business with our comprehensive infrastructure services. From network design and implementation to server management and cloud integration, we provide scalable and reliable solutions to support your business growth.

Managed Services

Let us take care of the day-to-day management of your IT systems, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Our managed services encompass proactive monitoring, maintenance and support, ensuring optimal performance and uptime for your IT environment.


Gain valuable knowledge and experience from our experienced consultants to make informed decisions about your IT strategy and investments. Whether it's technology planning, project management or risk assessment, we offer customized consulting services to meet your specific needs.

Best Sellers

Our best-selling services address the most pressing needs of both businesses and residential customers. From robust security systems to virtualization services and installation of state-of-the-art infrastructure, maximizing resource utilization.

HikVision® ColorVu® Technology

ColorVu 4K cameras with day and night ultra-high definition level imaging are used in a wide range of residential and commercial scenarios, including airports, marinas and parking areas.

ZKBioSecurity® Security Platforms

Multiple integrated modules such as access control, time and attendance, elevators, hotel management, visitors, parking, patrol and video.

ZKTeco® Biometric Access Control

SpeedFace-V5 is a facial access control terminal that is equipped with the latest deep learning facial recognition algorithm that enables faster and more accurate user recognition.

GWN.Cloud by Grandstream®

GWN.Cloud is an enterprise-grade management platform for Grandstream GWN series devices. Thanks to optimized monitoring and maintenance, managing your network across multiple locations has never been easier.

Success Stories

The best way to get to know us and choose us for your project is through our clients and the success stories that each of them represent.

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  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Voice and Data
  • Audio and Video

Querencia Beach Access

Remote Monitoring System

Querencia Club House

Wireless Infrastructure Service

Mini Bodegas

CCTV Video Surveillance System

Querencia Parking

Video surveillance system

Mini Bodegas

Infrastructure Civil Works


Voice and Data Cabinet

Querencia Kids Club

Concentration Cabinet

Misiones del Cabo

360º Video Surveillance System

Bodega Valle Hermanos

Wireless Infrastructure Service

Querencia Construction

Services Concentration Cabinet

Colegio Ugarte Los Cabos

Media Room

QuerenciaH C3 Hub

Control, Command and Communications Center

Los Cabos International Airport

Video Surveillance System

Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Cabos

Video Surveillance System

Querencia Los Cabos

Telecommunications Infrastructure


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